Dodge spam filters, reach arrestees.

Looking to improve open rates? We can help.

To maximize your criminal marketing reach to arrestees, you’ll want to avoid spam filters. This guide will discuss 4 quick changes you can make to improve your mailbox placement and boost open rates.

1. Test your email templates!

Email testing is a quick and easy way to pick up the “spammyness” of your criminal defense marketing emails. Certain words can easily trigger spam filters and ruin otherwise clean emails.** Mail-Tester** and Mailgenius are both excellent tools you can use to identify “spam words”, broken links, and domain setting issues that may be harming your deliverability.

They are both free to use, user friendly, and will give your email a deliverability score that you can use to compare different templates.

2. Verify your MailChimp® Domain.

You’ll also want to verify your MailChimp domain to prevent unauthorized users from using your domain to send email campaigns. This usually takes no longer than 2 minutes and is an easy way to bolster sender reputation and improve the effectiveness of your criminal defense marketing.

Follow this step-by-step guide to verify your domain in MailChimp.

3. Authenticate your MailChimp® Domain.

Authentication functions like a license plate for your email campaign. It provides a trackable identifier that tells your recipient’s internet service provider you’re a legitimate sender, and it helps your email arrive in their inbox.

Authenticating your domain in MailChimp is trickier than merely verifying it, as it requires you or whoever manages your domain to add records to your domain’s DNS settings.

Follow this guide to get started with authentication.

4. Send custom emails to each arrestees.

The more you can personalize your emails, the likelier they’ll be opened by the recipient. Including each arrestee’s first name, last name, charge, and county in the body or subject of your email can help place your email in their inbox and attract attention to your criminal marketing campaign.

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