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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send different email templates to different charges?

    Every criminal defense practice is different. Some firms represent those accused of all criminal charges. Others adapt their criminal advertising strategy to specific criminal cases. We’ll work with your firm to design criminal-charge based content marketing for each charge category.

    Here's how it works:

    Each criminal charge is assigned a tag for 1 of 7 charge categories. You can create an email to target each one of these 7 categories.

    • Violent Crimes
    • Thefts
    • Drug Charges
    • DUI's
    • Weapon's Charges
    • Sex Crimes
    • Other (Trespassing, Threats, Evading arrest, etc.)

    Follow this guide or schedule a tech-consult with a member of our team to design advertisements that target criminal charges.

  • How can I automate emails to each arrestee?

    The easiest way to leverage our data to reach potential clients is to create a free MailChimp account. We'll feed each arrestee's name, charge, and email into your MailChimp audience every hour. From there, you can setup an automation that sends a criminal defense advertisement of your design to each new contact.

    To setup this automation, follow this guide or schedule a free tech-consult with a member of our team. If you're a user on a 3 or 6-month subscription, reach out to your account manager and we'll set this up for you.

  • Can I send custom emails to each arrestee?

    Yes! You can design an automated email that fills-in with the name, charge, and county of each recipient. For specific instructions, check out our guide on how to create emails that populate with each arrestee's name and charge.

  • How many other attorneys will get the same leads as me?

    We limit the number of users in a given county based on the arrest volume. County user caps range from 1 attorney for small counties to 8 law firms for some of the larger ones. Once a cap is reached, new-user registration for the county is automatically disabled. For the specific number of users in your county, send an email to

  • How does Client Connect find contact information for arrested individuals?

    Client Connect examines public arrest records to locate identifiers for recently arrested individuals. Our algorithm references this information with other government and social records to identify high-quality contact information for each lead.

    Every contact is given an opportunity to opt-out via email. Leads that do not opt-out will receive your criminal defense advertisements.

  • Will Client Connect design my advertisements?

    Criminal defense clients on our 3-month & 6-month subscriptions benefit from our full-service design offering. Shortly following registration, your account manager will reach out to schedule a tech-consult.

    Our team will typically design 3 email templates for you: 2 email templates and a brief text-message template. We'll send these to you for approval, typically within 24h of you registering.

    New and existing users can schedule a tech consult here.

  • Can I have exclusivity in my county?

    We offer the option for criminal defense law firms in smaller counties to maintain exclusivity over the arrestee contact data in their counties. For a list of available counties, or to request service for a county, send en email with your request to

  • Will Client Connect design my solicitations?

    New users are welcome to schedule a tech-consult where a member of our team will walk them through their first email design. We won't write your copy for you, but we'll help you structure your email with your logo at the top, proper text formatting, and a call to action button that leads prospective clients to either call you or visit your website.

    New and existing users can schedule a tech consult here.

  • Is email and sms criminal defense marketing allowed by my state-bar?

    State-Bar rules pertaining to direct advertising of prospective clients can vary by state. Feel free to check out our guide on direct advertising and the ABA Comment Section on Rule 7.3. Be sure to also review your specific State Bar's Professional Rules of Conduct.

    To find a the bar-rules on direct criminal defense marketing for your state, check out our reference guide.

  • How long will it take for me to get new clients?

    Like Direct Mail, Email and SMS criminal defense marketing is a numbers game. We can't promise that you'll immediately obtain new criminal cases. However, if you're sending thorough and transparent advertisements consistently, you will see a return on your efforts.

    As a general rule, expect to send emails for 2-3 weeks before you sign your first client. Make sure someone at your law office is dedicated to converting criminal defense leads that call your office into clients.

  • Is this a replacement for SEO or Direct Mail?

    Email & SMS criminal advertising campaigns are an excellent way to market your practice to potential clients and obtain new criminal cases quickly. As you start to take on more cases, your law firm’s advertising budget will increase and we’ll grow with you.

    That being said, direct digital advertising is not a complete replacement for organic or local SEO, PPC, or even direct mail. Let’s examine the following scenarios:

    • • Mark is arrested for driving under the influence. Within 24 hours, Mark receives a text message from your law firm. Before calling your office, Mark decides to perform a Google search for your law firm and finds that your law firm website does not show up in the Google local search results. This is a red flag to Mark so he chooses not to call your office.

    • • Andrew is charged with indecent exposure. Upon arrest, he receives an email advertisement from your office. Since he’s at work, he tells himself he’ll give your firm a call later, but ultimately forgets.

    • • 5 days later, Andrew receives a direct-mail marketing letter for your firm and realizes he forgot to call you. This time, he calls for a free consultation about this criminal case. Here, the letter your firm sent about his charge served to supplement the email we helped you send and convert the lead.

    As you can see, direct digital marketing, direct mail, search engine optimization, and Google ads all work hand-in-hand to create a lead pipeline for your firm. Criminal defense leads are bound to closely examine your online reviews, so it's important to have an optimized website that allows them to easily do so. That being said, we frequently work with new firms that don’t have any other marketing channels setup but are looking to quickly start generating new cases for their firm.

    We believe Email & SMS is the best place for a new law firm to start advertising for criminal cases. There is no other type of marketing that allows you to directly advertise to potential clients you know have been arrested with the speed of digital marketing.

  • What do the templates look like?

    We get it, you want your law firm marketing content to stick out. That’s why every one of our email templates are custom-designed for your law firm. We’ll take the existing copy, logos, colors, Google Reviews, and photos from your law-firm website and distill them into a high quality, deliverable email. You’ll have a chance to review and request edits before.

    We believe that SMS marketing should be kept concise and to the point. In keeping with thi marketing philosophy, we’ll create a custom and high-converting 2-3 sentence text message for your law firm.

    The call-to-action of both templates will be for prospective clients to call your law office. This is the easiest way to convert leads. Prefer to direct leads form to book a time from your calendar? We're able to direct leads to any existing marketing channel your firm has set up.

    To view a sample of what our email and SMS templates look like, send an email to

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