Digitize your Criminal Defense Marketing with Automated Email & SMS Campaigns to arrested individuals.

Updated hourly, we find accurate contact information for recently arrested individuals. Criminal defense attorneys use Client Connect® to automate Email & SMS solicitations to prospective clients.

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Direct Criminal Defense Marketing Solutions

Prospective Client Contact Information

Email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts of your county's arrested individuals.

Updated Hourly.


Arrest Records

See who's arrested in your county, what they've been charged with, and other county-wide arrest trends.

  • Multi-Region Support

    View names, charges, and contact information for arrestees in counties near your practice area. Updated every hour.

  • Verified Data

    All data is retrieved from public records and each arrestee is given an opportunity to opt- out of our service. Arrestee emails are guaranteed to be 98% deliverable.

  • Automated Criminal Defense Marketing

    Sync arrestee contact information with your email campaign manager to automate digital solicitations to each arrestee.

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Automated Criminal Defense Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I automate emails to each arrestee?

    The easiest way to leverage our data to reach arrestees is to create a free MailChimp account. We'll feed each arrestee's name, charge, and email into your MailChimp audience every hour. From there, you can setup an automation that sends a criminal defense advertisement of your design to each new contact.

    To setup this automation, follow this guide or schedule a free tech-consult with a member of our team.

  • Can I send different charges different email templates?

    Absolutely! Each criminal charge is assigned a tag for 1 of 7 charge categories

    • Violent Crimes
    • Thefts
    • Drug Charges
    • DUI's
    • Weapon's Charges
    • Sex Crimes
    • Other (Trespassing, Threats, Evading arrest, etc.)

    You can design an email that targets each specific category by following this guide or by scheduling a tech-consult with a member of our team.

  • How many other attorneys will get the same leads as me?

    We limit the number of users in a given county based on the arrest volume. County user caps range from one attorney for small counties to 8 for the largest ones. Once a cap is reached, new-user registration for the county is automatically disabled. For the specific number of users in your county, send an email to team@clientconnect.ai.

  • How does Client Connect find contact information for arrested individuals?

    Client Connect examines public arrest records and references publicly available information from government, social and other public record sources for each individual arrested.

  • Can I send custom emails to each arrestee?

    Yes! You can design an automated email that pre-populates with the name, charge, and county of each recipient. For specific instructions, check out our guide on how to create emails that populate with each arrestee's name and charge.

  • Will Client Connect design my solicitations?

    New users are welcome to schedule a tech-consult where a member of our team will walk them through their first email design. We won't write your copy for you, but we'll help you structure your email with your logo at the top, proper text formatting, and a call to action button that leads prospective clients to either call you or visit your website.

    New and existing users can schedule a tech consult here.

  • Can I have exclusivity in my county?

    We offer the option for criminal defense marketing exclusivity in smaller counties throughout the country. For a list of available counties, or to request service for a county, send en email with your request to team@clientconnect.ai.

  • How long will it take for me to get new clients?

    Like Jail Mail, Email and SMS criminal defense marketing is a numbers game. We can't promise that you'll see new clients immediately, but if you're sending thorough and transparent solicitations consistently, you will likely see a return on your efforts.

    As a general rule, expect to send emails for 2-3 weeks before you sign your first client. When a lead calls the number you've designated in your email and text, make sure someone at your law office is dedicated to converting them into a client.

  • Is email and sms criminal defense marketing allowed by my state-bar?

    State-Bar rules pertaining to direct solicitation of prospective clients can vary by state. We encourage you to check out our informational guide on direct solicitation along with the ABA Comment Section on Rule 7.3 (Solicitation of Clients) and your State Bar's Professional Rules of Conduct.

    To find a the bar-rules on direct solicitation for your state, check out our reference guide.

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