Digital Mail vs. PPC Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Digital Mail vs. PPC Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Is your law firm not getting any new clients?

Finding new clients is essential for any successful business. However, business owners often encounter a problematic situation when growing their company. The skills they used to start a business are not the same as the skills they need to run and develop it.

For example, apart from doing outstanding work in the courtroom and getting referrals, a criminal defense lawyer’s training doesn’t teach them the intricacies of marketing a business.

There are questions like what marketing channel is best for criminal defense lawyers? While a lot of this depends on the situation. Some channels are more effective than others. This article discusses digital mail and PPC.

So if you want to learn more about how these marketing channels can improve your business’s leads, read on below.

Why Should Criminal Defense Lawyers Market Themselves Online?

No matter what industry you are in, if you want more business, you have to market yourself somehow.

Digital marketing provides criminal defense lawyers with considerable power to increase their number of clients. With the use of analytics and cheap advertising space, criminal defense lawyers can get their message out to many more people.

Online marketing is fast, effective, and data-driven. Businesses can learn from so much information available from campaigns. The more a company knows, the better its chance of improving client numbers.

What Is PPC?

PPC marketing stands for Pay Per Click. In the right hands, PPC is extremely effective. In the wrong hands, PPC is throwing money down the drain.

PPC works by automatically bidding for ad space online. The bidding involves how much you will pay for a person to click on your advertisement, and the highest bidder gets the ad space.

PPC is so effective because you can target your market very precisely. For example, people who search for a particular keyword, visit a defined list of websites, or live in an area can all be defined and targeted with specific ads.

Highly specific ads are known to increase click-throughs and revenue when done correctly. People have a problem to solve, the advertisement offers a solution. The more people see a solution to their situation, the more likely they are to enquire.

A skilled PPC marketer constantly tweaks their campaigns. The balance is reducing cost per acquisition while keeping click-through rates up. The more refinement a campaign has, the better it performs.

What Is Digital Mail?

Automated emails and texts are the two pillars of digital mail.  In this type of marketing, a business uses email and SMS to address its target customers directly.

Businesses can’t email or text random people with marketing campaigns. Instead, a company must build up a mailing list of people that want to receive emails and texts.

The downside of this is a lot fewer potential leads. The upside is the people on your mailing list have already signified interest and are more likely to convert into a client.

Some of the benefits of digital mail marketing include low costs and scalability. Mailing and text lists can be segmented, and messaging personalized for every persona. Automation can help with a lot of this work, making digital mail quick and easy to deploy.

Increase Clients With Effective Marketing

The right type of marketing for criminal defense lawyers depends on your clients and your business strengths.

A skilled digital mail or PPC marketer will drastically improve the number of client leads. Here at Client Connect, our solution offers the best of both digital mail and PPC, with precise targeting, personalization, and fast results. We are the only digital email and SMS marketing company for criminal defense.

To find out more about how we can help your law firm, contact us today.